20 Photos That Prove Our World Can Still Be Perfect at Times

3 years ago

At times, we strive to find balance, order, and beauty in our lives. While reaching these goals might seem far-fetched, you can just look at the world around you and find perfection in the most unexpected places. And this proves that every now and then, some satisfying moments are created by pure chance.

Bright Side is bringing you the best selection of pictures that will soothe everybody, especially the perfectionists out there.

1. “The way the water just flows perfectly through the drain.”

2. “My dog has a spot that is a near perfect circle.”

3. “A perfectly circular rainbow made by my door’s peephole during sunset”

4. The snow can stop melting now and stay in this perfect shape.

5. “I think this is the only hard-boiled egg I have ever peeled flawlessly and it made me unreasonably happy.”

6. “This is what I want to find every time I open a box of toothpicks.”

7. “I found this perfect oxeye daisy today.”

8. Just observe how the snow isn’t melting in the shadows.

9. Remembered just in time!

10. Perfect fit!

11. Just look at that perfectly shaped music note.

12. The bubbles on the kitchen counter are incredibly uniform.

13. “I found this water droplet that looks like Africa.”

14. The perfect frame! A sunset that was captured in a wheat field.

15. There was exactly one glass of tea left.

16. Sticky buns rarely turn out to be this perfect.

17. The way this shadow lines up perfectly with the sidewalk

18. “Encountered some remarkably still air.”

19. The most perfect rainbow

20. Nothing gives you a better feeling than when your groceries fit perfectly in the bag.

Which one of these oddly pleasant pictures was your favorite? Let us know or share your own perfect pictures in the comments!


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Sorry for being so explicit but I kind of had an orgasm looking at these lol


Symmetry is a superpower.... The one who achieves it is a superhero indeed!


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