22 Times Designers Wanted to Say, “Please, No!”

2 years ago

Whether you walk around the street or are house-hunting, questionable designs can be found everywhere. For example, imagine viewing houses and entering an apartment where the shower is located in the middle of the kitchen, or think about trying to open a door and not having a handle to grab onto. Or better yet, picture yourself sitting on a park bench and having the automatic watering system shower down on you.

Bright Side dug up 22 designs that will have professionals in the field in tears.

1. Someone was inspired by Minecraft.

2. Is the car too big or the garage too small?

3. Curtains on the outside and blinds on the inside...

4. That should fit nicely.

5. “Can I see your manager, please?”

6. Okay, so which one is it?

7. Only short people can sit on this bench.

8. That should be an easy ride home.

9. You might want to check on your arms first...

10. Can’t Cinnabon afford the extra space?

11. When a “blind date” remains “blind,” even after you meet:

12. What are you going to need the holes for?

13. Does your car know how to jump?

14. You’ll need life insurance if you’re going to turn this fan on and off.

15. “I guess nobody uses this stall.”

16. “Hey, check out our invisible balcony!”

17. When they say that a house comes with 1.25 baths:

18. Every day is an adventure when trying to open this door.

19. Who said walks at the park were uneventful?

If you are really sweaty on a hot summer day, that would feel AMAZING


20. Only for emergencies

21. That doesn’t look like a good idea.

22. When you hire a professional to install a fence:

What’s the craziest, most illogical design you’ve ever seen? We’d love to see your photos if you have any.


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