20 Designer Products That Can Make You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time

year ago

Sometimes high-end fashion makes us go through stronger emotions than a movie. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping piece of clothing that needs a special set of skills to pull off or accessories that aim to unsettle us by mixing 2 polar opposite styles or even replicating food. Some brands go beyond creating flattering looks to add to the wardrobe. It seems that their goal is to make a statement through their creations and send a powerful message to the world.

Bright Side thinks that when fashion dares to break the boring norms, the result is always entertaining. We’ll share peculiar clothing items that will raise eyebrows.

1. 3 waist trousers, Natasha Zinko, $1,395

2. Crocs Madame, Balenciaga, $625

3. Alien sneakers, Yeezy

4. ’’Le Chiquito’’ bag, Jacquemus, $552

5. Andrea Crews

6. T-shirt shirt, Balenciaga, $1,290

7. High spiral boots, Y Project, $1,336

8. Y Project

9. Kitten heel Nikes, $765

10. Ripped denim jacket, Andrea Crews

11. Moschino Farm Bag, $1528

12. Redneck boot sandals, $150

13. Ruffled shirtdress, ACT N°1

14. Asymmetrical jeans

15. Perforated coat

16. Platform Crocs, Balenciaga, $850

17. Airplane Bag, Louis Vuitton, $39,000

18. Turtleneck sweater, Vetements, $1,230

19. Ballet platforms, Simone Rocha

20. The ’’Baguette’’ bag, Moschino, $1,170

How much risk do you take when it comes to your outfits? Do you believe that high-end fashion should put limits on its creativity sometimes?

Preview photo credit ancutasarca / Instagram


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