20 Photos That Can Give You Your Daily Dose of Warm Fuzzies

2 years ago

The infinite number of emotions one picture can deliver is something really powerful. We can see in people’s eyes their pure happiness, their victories, or even their unique reactions to once-in-a-lifetime events. And these are only a few examples of many more special situations that have managed to get caught on camera. Lucky for us that the internet has made it easier to spread these gems around the world.

Bright Side gathered the most remarkable pics that were recently shared online.

1. She said yes!

2. “My niece just got a puppy. I think he likes her.”

3. “Our 15-day-old preemie daughter getting discharged from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit.”

4. “My neighbor has severe depression. I take Petunia over and that always seems to cheer her up.”

5. “My great-grandmother and I share a birthday. This was taken on her 100th and my 19th.”

6. “Came home to my favorite peeps.”

7. “I was told my chances of having kids after radiation was very slim. 7 years later my son was born.”

8. “What a difference a week and a lot of love make! Rescued this handsome little guy from a storm drain.”

9. “My daughter drew a picture of me and her with ‘Daddy Day’ written on it. This drawing has made me smile every day for 16 years. Now it’s a permanent tattoo.”

10. “My new kitten’s first encounter with the big ball of flame in the sky”

11. “Born 102 years apart on the same day. My son gets to meet his great-grandma for the first time.”

12. “We found baby kittens in a barn and my heart is melting.”

13. “Apparently I’m pretty comfy.”

14. “The firefighters called my 3-year-old nephew over to meet them. He was over the moon and it was his birthday.”

15. “My dad and the cat he ’didn’t’ want.”

16. “My daughter’s first ponytail.”

17. “My grandpa won 1st place in a Christmas costume party!”

18. “Girlfriend had surgery, Lucy hasn’t left her side for a minute.”

19. “My niece meeting her new kitten”

20. “The day my grandpa met my new kitten”

Which pic made you say “aww” out loud?


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