7 Reasons Why Humor Is the Key to Keeping the Spark Alive in Your Relationship

2 years ago

If you were to catalog the traits that you might seek in a potential romantic partner, a “good sense of humor” would probably end up high on your list. Evolution made sure that the ability to engage in amusing banter is one of the most attractive qualities in people. For all our history, men have been trying to charm ladies with their humor, and the funny ones always succeeded.

Bright Side researched how humor can influence our relationships and we’d like to present you with the conclusions.

1. Humor makes a great starter for a romance.

Studies have shown that women are more willing to give their phone numbers to people who crack a joke or 2 first. Because a good, quick-witted comment immediately communicates intelligence, creativity, social awareness, warmth, and friendliness — traits we all love to see in our partner. But it only works if the joke is sincere and original, not a memorized one-liner from a pickup guidebook.

2. Humor smooths over your differences.

For new couples, humor can help to overcome any awkwardness during the mortifying ordeal of getting to know each other. It is easier to talk about your insecurities and the intimate aspects of life in a light-hearted, silly manner. It also provides a tool to criticize something about your partner without sounding judgmental. Humor gives you diplomatic immunity, and your partner, in turn, won’t feel attacked.

3. Humor allows us to work out through conflicts easier.

Nothing reduces tension like a well-timed joke. Even when you’re upset with your partner, it’s hard to keep straight face when you’re cracking up. After putting everyone at ease, you can address the actual problem and resolve the disagreement. Humor creates a much friendlier environment where you can discuss stuff and where you are more willing to compromise.

It acts as a buffer against stress, disappointment, and bad patches in a relationship. All it takes is one good joke and a good laugh together for it to feel like couples therapy.

4. Humor brings you closer together.

However silly it sounds, joking and laughing together is a scientifically proven sign of mutual romantic interest. When you laugh with each other, you create a positive bond between you. At the same time, you create a special understanding and shared space of safety and playfulness. It feels so good when your partner gets you, gets your joke, and laughs at it, even if it was an objectively terrible joke.

5. Humor helps you get through hard times.

Laughter is known to reduce stress levels, elevate mood, and make you more resilient. So it’s great to have someone who can always cheer you up. Humor reframes life’s challenges and puts things in perspective, so you can cope. After a long day at work, a good laugh with the person you love is enough to comfort you and get your mind off the things that got under your skin.

6. Humor makes relationships overall happier.

Any humorous actions with friends or romantic partners alike enhance feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. Humor simply increases the enjoyment of any social interactions. You feel good because you tell a funny joke, others are happy they got to hear it, everyone is enjoying themselves. That’s the reason why people generally value playful and fun romantic partners.

7. Humor helps the couple stay together.

Couples who laugh together, stay together. According to research, married couples overwhelmingly report that humor has a positive impact on their marriage and that it replaced bickering. Humor is an important instrument to maintain your relationship, thanks to its ability to resolve conflicts, provide comfort, and create a feeling of closeness.

What is one “inside joke” you have with someone?

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