17 Girls Who Now Shudder When They See a Nail Salon From Afar

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2 years ago

A salon manicure means both beauty and practicality in one place. That’s why many people love and appreciate them. However, sometimes we end up not getting what we hoped for: while some people leave nail salons jumping with joy, others run away from these places in tears.

We at Bright Side understand that no one is protected from bad service. But still, we hope that you only see beauty service failures in our articles and not in real life.

“My sister’s friend got her nails done by a ‘professional’ nail artist.”

Mildly infuriating manicure

“Full disappointment. Not sure if these are bad enough to get redone...”

“I just got this set and I think they’re hideous.”

“They treated my cuticles very roughly, put on a thick layer of gel, and everything broke off on the next day.”

"I’m a shy person so I just paid and left but as soon as I had a second to look at my nails in the car I was like, “What the hell?”

“For all those who talk about bad nail salons/work — this was done to me 3 days before my wedding.”

“I got a dip set done at a salon for the first time in a while, and not even 4 hours in they already look like this.”

“This is my first time getting dip nails at a salon, they feel a little bulky to me.”

“I paid $50 for the lady to ruin my nails. Expectation vs Reality.”

Uneven nails, the lines aren’t very clean, and the colors aren’t evenly applied

“These are my nails after I went back to the salon and they ‘fixed’ them and refused to refund me.”

“And I paid for it.”

“Quite disappointing as the girl next to me got amazing nails...”

The trial and error of finding a new salon

“Here is what I got in a nail salon. A sad day. My hands had the worst lingering pain for a day.”

“These are not nails but Little Easter eggs.”

Do you prefer the salon or to do your own manicures?

Preview photo credit 4y4cchi / Reddit


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