10 Celebrities Who Changed After Pregnancy, and They’re Totally Cool About Their Looks

3 years ago

A perfect Hollywood celebrity look is made up of a thoroughly thought-out wardrobe, excellent makeup and hairstyle, and a flawless body. It seems like right after giving birth these beautiful women are ready to conquer a runway or a red carpet and show off their perfect bodies.

However, it's not that easy to get your fit body back in just a month, even if you have enough money and time for it. Some celebrities spend several months before they're satisfied with their looks.

Bright Side will tell you about 10 celebrity moms who had gone through a lot to return to their pre-baby body. Proving once again that even celebrities are imperfect but they're still beautiful and talented.

Kim Kardashian

It looks like Kim Kardashian has always been a woman with curves, but in fact, her body is the result of the changes that followed her pregnancy and childbirth. The wife of the famous rapper, Kanye West, works really hard to lose extra weight. However, she's really proud of the parts of her body that she's known for.

Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge has always had a fit body, but after giving birth to her first child, she had to deal with the natural body changes. However, it was the Duchess who showed the whole world what every mother looks like after her child is born: with a bit of a tummy and a bit tired, but very happy.


Many rumors had circulated around Beyoncé's pregnancy and she was eager to add to the fuel sometimes. Even the birth of her first daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, was anonymous to the greatest extent possible. But judging by the changes in the R'n'B diva's body, you can be sure that there was no surrogate mother to do this hard task for her.

Liv Tyler

Beautiful Liv Tyler is one of those women who find it hard to follow the standards of a perfect body. After each pregnancy, she takes a lot of time to return to a fit body shape. But we love her even more because she never hides her challenges with losing weight and always remains happy and smiling.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Today, Jennifer Love Hewitt rarely shows up on TV since she dedicates almost all of her time to her children and family. However, looking at her photos, you can see that her recent pregnancy had its impact on the actress's body. But it looks like Jennifer is happy and doesn't pay attention to attacks from body shamers.

Christina Aguilera

Several years ago, critics were all commenting on Aguilera's weight gain. However, such harsh comments appeared right after Christina had become a mom and couldn't return to her former slim body in a short period of time. We're sure that many women who gave birth to a child at least once perfectly understand how hard the process of losing weight can be.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica's body has a natural tendency toward being on the heavier side and her pregnancy аnd childbirth caused her to gain even more weight. She gained almost 50 lb. However, several months after giving birth, instead of losing weight, she got pregnant again.

Kelly Clarkson

This American singer rose to fame after the TV show American Idol and staying in shape was hard for her. In her interview with Attitude magazine, she said, "When I was really skinny, I was miserable inside and out for 4 years of my life. But no one cared because aesthetically I made sense. It was a very dark time for me. I was at the gym all the time."

Today, after giving birth to 2 children, Kelly decided that she's going to love herself regardless of what she looks like. And we totally agree with her.

Emily Deschanel

Emily Deschanel became famous for her role in the TV series Bones that has been airing for 12 years. During the first several seasons, we saw Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan as a fit woman, but by the end of the last season, she'd gained weight. As it turned out, the changes were due to a long-awaited pregnancy of the actress. However, even several years after childbirth, she doesn't want to return to her pre-baby body.

Serena Williams

The world-famous tennis player Serena Williams gave birth to her first child several months ago. Up to the last months of her pregnancy, she managed to take part in different competitions and training sessions. However, multiple photos from official events show that she couldn't return to her former body as quickly as she wanted. Serena doesn't want to hide her body under loose clothing and easily demonstrates that her body just gave birth to a new life.

What do you think about the post-baby body changes? Should a new mother go straight to the gym the next month or are body changes a natural thing that her body has to undergo?

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I don't mind either...at the end of the day, it's about how confident you are about yourself...and that you acknowledge that your body changed because you just gave birth to new life! :)


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