9 Garments That Can Ruin Your Looks More Than a Distorting Mirror

10 months ago

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture, it’s a question of proportions.” For an ensemble consisting of clothes, shoes, and jewelry to look well-balanced and not distort the silhouette, you should carefully follow the lines that divide the figure into separate parts.

Boat neck

This neckline looks elegant and feminine, it is not for nothing that Audrey Hepburn favored dresses with such a neckline. But, unfortunately, it looks good on very few, as it visually shortens the neck and makes it more massive. In addition, a boat neck makes the body look disproportionate. To achieve the opposite effect, choosing an outfit with a V-neckline is better.

Heavy ring earrings and chandelier earrings

Bright and bulky earrings look great, but at the same time, they can unfavorably emphasize some body structure features. Such jewelry makes the neck look shorter and the face more massive. If you want your neck to look more graceful, decorating your ears with small stud earrings or danglers is better. They will look perfect.

Tight-fitting dress made from thin fabric

Dresses of this style emphasize all the features of the figure. If the volume of the hips is greater than that of the chest, it will become even more noticeable. If you have an “apple” body type, tight-fitting dresses will give your waist extra volume, and the thin fabric will traitorously outline all the folds. It is best to choose an A-line dress. The body looks more graceful and harmonious in such an outfit, just chic.

Outfits with ruffles

Any garment with ruffles looks feminine, but it’s worth keeping in mind that these details add volume to the area on which they are placed. Ruffles decorating the shoulders, bust, or hips add volume to the body and make it look fuller. And outfits with a lot of ruffles look heavy.

Wrong length of the hemline

Regardless of the skirt or dress length, the hem mustn’t cross the widest part of the hips or calves. In clothes of such a cut, the figure seems shorter and more massive.

For example, a midi dress that usually reaches the middle of the calf does not suit many women, regardless of their body type. But a longer dress with a side or front slit looks better and visually lengthens the legs.

Heavy and long necklaces

A wide necklace can make the neck appear shorter and more massive. In addition, such jewelry visually adds a couple of extra years to its wearer. Long chains that end lower than the chest line can also distort the silhouette and make you look shorter. Bulky necklaces are ideal for tall women, while chunky girls should wear small pendants that reach the collarbones or slightly below them.

Contrasting outfits

It has long been known that horizontal stripes visually shorten the silhouette. The layers of different colors create the same effect. If an outfit combines several horizontal blocks in contrasting colors, the body will seem more massive and squat, which spoils the body shape. Choosing a monochrome outfit or clothes of no contrasting colors is best.

Mid-calf boots

These shoes end at the broadest part of the calf, drawing attention to this area. This makes the legs appear wider, more massive, and shorter. It is worth choosing knee-length boots to make the legs seem longer and more graceful. But the shoes mustn’t be decorated with lacing or other horizontal elements — they will ruin the whole effect.

Long top

To find the ideal length of a shirt or top, you just need to determine the widest part of your hips. If the shirt goes below this line, there is a chance that the figure will seem squat, and the legs will become visually shorter. The shorter the top, the longer the legs look, and the silhouette becomes more elongated and slender.

Styling clothes may seem quite tricky. Even if you want to choose a fitting skirt, you must consider many details.


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