16 Situations That Prove Love and Support Make the World Go Round

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The world we live in is not always full of glitter and sequins, and things we hear about in fairy tales are unlikely to happen. However, from time to time, we may witness something even more wonderful: benevolence and self-sacrifice for someone or for a cause that moves us. Take, for example, a grandfather who insists on sending a handwritten card to his granddaughter every Valentine’s Day. These unique moments are a warm caress for our hearts, just like a hug from our own grandmother can be. They also invite us to behave in the same way.

Today, the Bright Side team wants to share some of this magic, and we’ve selected the best images to make that happen. Join us!

1. “My 82-year-old grandad sends me a Valentine’s Day card every year.”

“His writing is getting worse because of his tremors, but he always insists on writing it himself.”

2. “This is exactly how knocked out my right wrist/arm is from holding him up. But will I move? Naaahhh.”

3. “That is a wonderful accomplishment and much harder to achieve staying at the same company.”

4. “My grandma sends me fruit ever since finding out about my pregnancy. This week, it’s pineapples!”

5. “Mini food pantry — Jonesville, NC — there should be one in every town!”

6. “After spending my childhood wandering the shelves of the local library, it is stunning to see my published book on the same shelves now.”

7. “Got home from a long day of work to find my mother-in-law sent us a present.”

8. “I can finally stand with no hands.”

9. “Doing my classwork and my boyfriend surprised me with cookies and milk”

10. “Me and my first kid today! It really is true what they say about ’when it’s your own it’s different.’”

11. “The people on my mail route shovel between houses for me which is so kind, and very appreciated.”

12. “My son, smiling at his mom for the first time”

13. “Elderly woman who lives alone left her window down. Acts of kindness like this won’t go unnoticed!”

14. “Having a bad day, so I’m handing out these flowers to strangers in Brighton.”

15. “I found these while on a walk:”

16. A discreet guardian angel

We hope you too have witnessed a situation or a scene that made you smile. To keep the magic going, we invite you to share those precious moments of life in the comments.

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