16 Designers Who Threw Their Common Sense Out the Window and Made Us Suffer

2 years ago

Even the most famous places can take more than one sight to fall in love with them. For example, the Flatiron Building in New York was initially called “awkward” and received a lot of criticism. However, it later became one of the most well-known signature buildings in the city. With that said, some designers’ creative ideas are less fortunate and never get appreciation.

We at Bright Side want to share 16 examples of designs that are not likely to grow on us anytime soon.

1. “I’m 6’2” and couldn’t reach the toilet paper."

2. “You just slide off this bench every second.”

3. “Colored the chairs, boss.”

4. “This shirt I saw in the store today.”

5. “What letter is the horse with half a face supposed to be?”

6. “An inconveniently placed hand dryer.”

7. “This apartment’s window”

8. “Is the low actually low, or is it medium? I still haven’t figured it out.”

9. “An apartment in London that has no front door, just a set of stairs leading up to a window”

10. “Did you want salt or pepper? Wrong!”

11. “I spent 5 minutes searching for the light switch until I opened the MEDICINE CABINET.”

12. “Found this ad for lemonade while shopping.”

13. “This bathroom at my college.”

14. “This tea will change your image size ratio!”

15. “The design of this pillowcase makes it look like there are bugs crawling on it.”

16. “My kid had some issues using this slide.”

Which of these would get “The Best Worst Design” award, in your opinion?

Preview photo credit Lord-Crimble / Reddit


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