What the Kids of Our Favorite Celebrities From the ’90s and 2000s Look Like Today

2 years ago

When we watch the films and series with our favorite stars from the ’90s and 2000s and turn on the songs of popular musicians of the time, we don’t even realize that our idols look completely different today. And many of them have families and kids of their own. Actually, some of their children are already building their own Hollywood careers.

We at Bright Side got interested in what the children of our favorite actors and singers of the recent past look like today.

Luca, Lola, and Fiona — the daughters of Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth, the star of Beverly Hills, 90210 has 3 daughters. The oldest daughter, Luca, who is 24 years old has already appeared in 5 projects.

14-year-old Fiona is still in school, and 18-year-old Lola has just finished it. By the way, Garth herself made the prom dress her daughter is wearing.

Bluebell — the oldest daughter of Geri Halliwell

The Spice Girls member Geri Halliwell is the happy mother of her 15-year-old daughter Bluebell and 4-year-old son Montague. Her daughter often accompanies her to public events. By the way, Halliwell’s colleagues — Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton are her daughter’s godparents.

Daisy — the oldest daughter of Lucy Lawless

The star of Xena: Warrior Princess has 3 children: sons Julius and Judah, and 32-year-old daughter Daisy (on the right), who is also an actress.

Makena — Helen Hunt’s daughter

Makena is the only daughter of Helen Hunt and she is 17 years old. The actress often shares her photos on social media and she adores her.

Sam, Lola, and Eloise — the daughters of Denise Richards

During her marriage to Charlie Sheen, Denise had 2 daughters: Sam and Lola. And in 2011, the actress adopted a baby girl she named Eloise.

Her oldest daughter is taking her first steps as an actress.

Ella — Ben Stiller’s daughter

The 19-year-old daughter of Ben Stiller is a lot like her famous father: she loves movies and she already has a small filmography.

Mason, Braydon, and Tucker — the sons of Melissa Joan Hart

Melissa Joan Hart, who you might remember for her role as Sabrina, is a happy mother of 3 boys: 15-year-old Mason, 13-year-old Braydon, and 8-year-old Tucker.

Nicholas, Lucy, and Mary — the children of Enrique Iglesias

After 15 years in their relationship, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova became the happy parents of twins — Nicholas and Lucy. And in 2020, they had another daughter they named Mary.

Mina — the daughter of Mädchen Amick

27-year-old Mina Tobias is the daughter of the Twin Peaks star Mädchen Amick. She is a musician and she has worked on 5 projects so far as an actress.

Molly — the daughter of Gabrielle Carteris

Famous actress Gabrielle Carteris has been married to Charles Isaacs since 1992. The couple has 2 daughters. The youngest one, Molly, who is 22, loves art just like her mother. She is into music and she often posts covers of famous songs on her Instagram.

Hannah — the oldest daughter of Clive Owen

Clive Owen is a celebrity that doesn’t like to talk a lot about his personal life. The actor has been happily married to actress Sarah-Jane Fenton for more than 20 years. They have 2 daughters: Hannah and Eva.

Clementine, Ariel, and Cyrus — the children of Cybill Shepherd

The star of the show Moonlighting has 3 children: 42-year-old daughter Clementine (left), and 33-year-old twins Ariel and Cyrus (right).

Inspired by her famous mother, her oldest daughter Clementine chose the acting profession. She’s worked on a few interesting projects: the comedies Bring It On, American Pie, and she appeared on House, M.D.

Ariel is also in the world of cinema but not in front of the camera: she writes scripts for TV series. And Cyrus got a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jack — the son of Luke Perry

In his marriage with actress Rachel Sharp, Luke Perry had 2 children: a son, Jack, and a daughter, Sophie. Jack is 24 years old and he is a professional wrestler. The young man is known as Jungle Boy. And Luke’s daughter Sophie, who is 21, is a volunteer.

Who do you think looks the most like their famous parents? Share your opinions in the comment section below!


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