18 Proofs That Life Never Stops to Amaze and Surprise Us

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Surprises come in many forms, not just when you see or receive something that puts you in a state of shock. Sometimes, you might be somewhat expecting what just happened or attempting to give a logical explanation for an unexpected finding. Whatever the case may be, many people like being surprised, while others try to avoid it at all costs.

Bright Side loves surprises and is sure that many of you out there do too, so you’ll appreciate the ones we’ve collected for you.

1. “My grandma sends me fruit in the mail because I’m pregnant. Today it’s strawberries.”

2. A Disney princess on the ice cube

3. “My economy seat had bonus leg room.”

4. “Jade, the pregnant foster cat my wife brought home as a ’surprise’ last week, had her kittens today.”

5. “Found this bird chilling on his nest in a stoplight on my way to work.”

6. “I saw a grey tree frog in the wild for the first time today.”

7. “My chickens greeting me when I come home from work”

8. “A squirrel got into my friend’s apartment while they were gone. Their 2 cats were as surprised as the visitor was.”

9. “This small violin I was given as a gift”

10. “My brother met an alpaca at school.”

11. “Found a little surprise behind the washer.”

“The mama cat still doesn’t like me. But they are still hanging around.”

12. “This pickle is surprised.”

13. “I graduated with my master’s yesterday and then was surprised with a proposal after the ceremony.”

14. “The surprising amount of bite marks on these IKEA display apples.”

15. “Seedpods that look like tiny skulls.”

16. “The graphite of this colored pencil fell out”

17. “This spider’s web is different.”

18. “15gram gold nugget I found metal detecting a Vermont dirt road.”

What is the most wonderful yet simple surprise someone has prepared for you?

Preview photo credit Berryyrreb / reddit


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