21 Superb Photographs Taken One Second before the Inevitable

2 years ago

Not all photographers have time to capture the perfect moment for a shot. That’s probably the reason why those photographs which are taken not one second too early or too late are the ones we most appreciate on a whole number of levels.

Such photographs capture a variety of different situations. One of these is that shot taken one second before something inevitable happens — there’s something particularly striking about such shots, regardless of whether what’s about to follow is good, bad, disastrous or just plain amusing.

Here are 21 such photographs which you cannot help but look at and imagine the outcome that occurred a split second later. Superb!

Now this is just perfection!

She can already see it coming.

It seems he's achieved the impossible.

Action shot.

It seems that camels don't appreciate being photographed without permission.

One little piece of sausage can hypnotize a dog in no time at all.

No one will notice your prat fall if you pretend your dancing.

And again, pure perfection!

Bears sure now how to have fun.

A good waiter always keeps his cool whatever happens.

I do whatever I want in my own garden...

He's in for a surprise!

I can hear a scream coming any second now...

And she was just half a dozen steps from home.

If only he could kick it into the goal with the same kind of accuracy.

A swimming bird and a flying fish - you don't see that very often!

She looks incredibly calm considering what's about to happen...

You don't catch me that easily!

You can't let a soap bubble just fall to the ground...

Great party, guys!

Problems happen when you least expect it!

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