18 kids that look exactly like their dolls

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2 years ago

Kids aren’t toys, however there are occasions when the resemblance between them and their favourite toys is uncanny. Moreover, parents also notice this and make things even better by dressing the kids up in similar attires, making them absolutely identical.

Bright Side shares these fascinating photos of kids and their doll look-alikes!


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I always loved my dolls growing up. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t a “tomboy” as they used to call it in the 90s. I played in the dirt, climbed trees, and etc. I can also definitely say that I am not creeped out by dolls, unless it’s one that is considered haunted by many people. Anyway, these photos were really sweet. Please reply with your favorite doll(s). I would love to hear what people from other generations loved!

3 years ago
OMG Karen, why have you deleted this comment?

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