15+ Satisfying Images That Can Melt Your Mind in a Split Second

2 years ago

There are simple situations in our daily life that have the power to make us feel good. The moment we match our cat socks with our pet or look at perfectly-formed soda bubbles are just a couple of examples that could touch your brain.

People shared fulfilling images online, and we at Bright Side couldn’t just sit back and enjoy them alone, so we’re sharing them with all of you.

1. “I just bought these socks today...no regrets.”

2. “The way the bubbles line up”

3. “How the background lines up with the reflections in this building”

4. “One of my chickens laid a spherical egg”

5. “This knot my headphones started making after 3 hours in my pocket”

6. “This fox in my neighbor’s yard hangs out and poses like their fox statue.”

7. “The way I dropped my SIM card...”

8. “This brick wall got smoothed into a rock.”

9. “Dropped my phone and the crack it made kind of looks like a hummingbird.”

10. “The shape of this opening in my hand”

11. “The groundskeeper only raked one side of the path.”

12. “My wife’s engagement ring cut the top, near perfectly, off of a glass when she was washing it.”

13. “I mixed raspberry and banana for my baby, and the color of the food and bowl match perfectly.”

14. “My friend who works at Dairy Queen made this perfectly formed ice cream cone.”

15. “All of the pens I used in the first year of my Ph.D. program”

16. “I used my kitchen worktop to iron. To protect the print, I did so on the reverse side, leaving a perfect steamed imprint.”

Which one did you find most satisfying? What is the simplest thing that you find pleasing? Do you have any pics you want to share with us?


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