20 People Who’ve Sewn Their Talent Into Reality, and the Results Deserve an A++

3 years ago

The oldest craft in the world is probably basket weaving, but sewing comes as a close second. But at one point in history, some absolute genius, whose name we’ll never know, decided, “You know what? I’ll make this piece of fur rock. I’ll be the hottest person in this cave, and that’s it.” And thanks to her, we now can create gorgeous looks in our own little caves, and some people are incredibly good at it.

Bright Side collected 20 photos of hard work combined with passion and talent that resulted in looks worthy of a chef’s kiss. Also, be sure to check out the end of the article to see some unorthodox materials.

1. “My take on Princess Di’s black revenge dress”

2. “Made one of those ’my rich husband died of mysterious circumstances’ robes, and I’ve never felt more powerful.”

3. “My final project for my college sewing class! An ethereal look, including a skirt, bodice, and smocked angel wings!”

4. “I made Billy Porter’s Oscars tuxedo gown.”

5. “My ice cream-inspired western shirt”

6. “Self-drafted, no pattern. This is an outfit I made from scratch from kente fabric.”

7. “I made the dressing gown that Bilbo wears in the first Hobbit movie.”

8. “I recreated an early 1900s illustration butterfly dress!”

9. “Tried to recreate a ’60s inspired dress from The Queen’s Gambit.”

10. “Made my own homecoming dress.”

11. “’70s edition: roller girl”

12. “I’m making Belle’s ball gown and it’s getting too big for my apartment!”

13. “I liked Taylor’s AMAs outfit so you know...I stole it.”

14. “A little bit in love — here’s my finished Valentine’s Day playsuit!”

15. “Sabrina dress: side by side”

16. “Gave my nana’s dress new life.”

17. “A costume for Sophie the Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle if she was a witch!”

18. “I tried recreating one of my favorite Disney princess costumes, and here’s how it went.”

19. “The ’coming out-fit’ I made for Trans Day of Visibility”

20. “I recreated the strawberry dress.”

Bonus: “a coat made with broken umbrellas”

What iconic look would you like to recreate? Or perhaps you already did? Share your endeavors with us!

Preview photo credit ecosandwich / reddit


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