17 Epic Fails That Made People Suffer and Laugh at the Same Time

2 years ago

Sometimes there are situations where our brain is so dumbfounded that we have no idea how to react. We might feel like crying, but the absurdity of the moment is so hilarious, we want to laugh. Later we might want to share our fails with others and look at their startled faces that are about to burst out laughing too.

Bright Side found 17 photos that will leave you with mixed feelings. Only you can choose which ones to embrace.

1. This packaging for 1 potato

2. “Got this in my fortune cookie.”

3. “Saw little chocolate bars laying on the table and decided to take a bite. Turns out my brother painted something solid clay brown.”

4. Peak engineering

5. “My friend got a tattoo. She says that’s how judgment used to be written before, and it’s still written like this in British English.”

6. “Never heard it happen.”

7. “My company’s ’Christmas bonus’”

8. Would you rather get 2rd?

9. “Now I can only measure my degrees of disappointment.”

10. “A moment of silence...”

11. “A great start to my day — they fell off when I was walking to school.”

12. “I forgot to add water.”

13. “I asked for ‘Happy Birthday’ on my husband’s cake but got this instead.”

14. “They fit and function flawlessly. At least my breath is lemony fresh now.”

15. “I don’t want to individually decorate each section, so we’ll just dump some gravy over it and...perfect.”

16. “My phone in my wife’s jeans vs in my 18-month-old son’s joggers”

17. “Slipped in the shower, landed on the toilet...”

What has recently happened to you that’s both sad and funny? How do you resolve such struggles?

Preview photo credit CheezyBob / Reddit


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