27 People Whose Creativity Won’t Let Them Sleep Peacefully at Night

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Creativity is not an attribute reserved only for those fortunate few born with this innate ability. It is about being fascinated with the world around us, spurring our minds to seek detail and to wonder, while also using humor at times. It is an essential skill that gets us out of our daily routine in an amusing way. After all, the great Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

At Bright Side, we’re fascinated by daring people and brought together 27 fearless folks who don’t seem to be worried about whether their idea is right or wrong, but rather, they use their imagination to simply have fun.

1. “My girlfriend wore these to her anatomy and physiology exam.”

2. “I bought a handful of tiny rubber dinosaurs and made me some tiny rubber T-rex earrings.”

3. “I converted a bike bell into a tiny grill. Who wants baby bike ribs?”

4. “My brother made a mini cardboard cut-out of my Top Gun cosplay. It arrived today.”

5. “My self-made Lightyear suit!”

6. “If someone asks for tools for their birthday, it’s important to artfully wrap them.”

7. “I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today.”

8. “I made a shower and it’s pretty legit.”

9. “A diner sign I saw the other day”

10. “My mom paints rocks.”

“Dear Rock. I win!! — Paper”

11. “The pizza saver on my pizza makes the photo look like a video with a play button.”

12. “I’ve been reusing the same scallion scraps for 2 months by growing them in water.”

13. “So yeah — I have these now.”

14. “The struggle is real.”

15. “This sign I saw yesterday”

“There’s no such thing as the POOP FAIRY! Clean up after your dog!”

16. “Crocheted tacos my mother made for the cancer center with a note: ’It’s okay to fall apart sometimes.’”

17. “This donut box looks like a giant VHS tape.”

18. “Change, anyone?”

“If You Fear Change... Leave It Here!! Thanks”

19. “I asked the local coffee shop to not put ketchup on my bagel or I’d cry. They complied.”

“Sara W.
Please don’t cry.”

20. “This origami dragon I folded”

21. “A picnic table for squirrels — it has a screw to put corn on it for them to eat.”

22. “My dentist has jokes.”

23. The bathroom sign at the Honolulu airport is wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

24. This comic cake

25. “Some pencils I tried carving”

26. Tattooed socks

27. “A car wash designed to look like a washing machine”

Do you often dare to think outside the box to bemuse yourself and those around you? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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