15 Pics That Prove All Parents Deserve a Gold Medal

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2 years ago

A famous quote by Oscar Wilde is “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” And that’s probably why our parents make so many sacrifices for us. For example, they push themselves to their limits so that we can be on a sports team and play an instrument. Thankfully, many of us grow up and come to the realization that they are real heroes that don’t expect anyone’s applause.

Bright Side wants to remind you that we should never take our parents for granted since they tend to do anything possible to give us everything.

1. “Nice canvas you got there.”

2. “My parents just stayed with me for a week. They attempted to stay up until 11 p.m. to welcome me home after a long shift.”

3. “Parenting: You’re doing it right.”

4. “My husband had dressed up my son’s dog, Lumen, to show him that he accepts him.”

5. “My daughter wanted to be Samus for Halloween, my wife spent 2 months making these for her.”

6. “Maybe I shouldn’t have outsourced my home schooling.”

7. “Wearing Minnie Mouse ears whilst bench pressing kids”

8. “My dad put food coloring on icicles.”

9. “Dad came straight from work to Bring Dads to Dance Night.”

10. “My son left the bathroom tap running with the plug in the day before our landlord’s house inspection. Bye-bye deposit.”

11. “My 2-year-old decided my laptop should be on ’hard mode’ from now on.”

12. “My son tried to cook his oatmeal.”

13. “How my 3-year-old eats his doughnuts — they were supposed to be shared.”

14. “My wife asked the 10-year-old to take his pillow upstairs (meaning his bedroom).”

15. “Would not stop crying until she got her own cone of shame.”

What is the most admirable thing your parents ever did for you and now you realize how precious it was?

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