20+ Pics Where the Devil’s in Details

2 years ago

Sometimes details are real game-changers that turn ordinary things into something cool or weird. Your food might be silently staring at you while you’re having your coffee with a pie that contains a finger. You might also want to check your pockets, who knows what you’ve got in there. Whatever you do, little surprises will inevitably come your way, all you need is patience.

Bright Side found people who can spot absolutely anything, even the end of the rainbow.

1. Blanket monster

2. My cat’s toe bean looks like a nose.

3. Baby octopus I found inside a seashell

4. The pumpkin pie I bought contains “finger.”

5. Sad person sitting on a ledge

6. The first ingredient in my grape juice is apple juice.

7. There was a tiny rubber chicken in my barista’s tip jar.

8. My dad found a face in the pocket of his pepperoni pizza pants.

9. Hand moisturizer birthed a baby seal.

10. A man’s face, captured today in Australia

11. My toilet roll has a link to entertain you while you do your business.

12. This leaf on my deck that looks like a squirrel

13. My psychotherapist’s tissue box is a little therapy couch.

14. My dad has a starfish with only 4 limbs.

15. My butter looks like an owl face.

16. Went on a hike and saw this rock that looks like a skull.

17. Friendly neighborhood dog by a sign saying you can pet the friendly neighborhood dog

18. In Victoria there are duck ramps in the harbor.

19. Frog spirit in my coffee plant

20. This bathroom stall has no gaps and the partitions are instead floor-to-ceiling walls.

21. My son’s jacket looks a little bit intimidating.

22. My kid’s doctor gave me a packet that’s stapled without using a staple.

23. The way the cardboard packaging from a smart vacuum looks like an ancient mask when mounted on a wall.

What unusual things have you recently noticed? How do you feel when you find something new in everyday things?

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Preview photo credit VerityParody / Reddit


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