15 People Captured Things That Are Too Funny for Words

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Watching funny photos or videos is not really a time-wasting activity, but it can help you to tackle stress. Doctors say that a good laugh not only relieves stress response but also improves the immune system in the long term.

Bright Side thrives to make our audience feel better, which is why we’ve collected a number of photos that will give you a good laugh.

1. “Upgraded my mouse again.”

2. “I don’t think this chair has slept for a long time.”

3. “Learning some new moves”

4. “I asked him if he was getting good reception with his new dish. I feel like he wasn’t amused.”

5. “Keeping my night shift guys awake by any means necessary”

6. “Whatever...just wash your hands, P-Town.”

7. “The resemblance is uncanny.”

8. “HELP! My cat melted.”

9. “I guess my mom doesn’t know what ravioli is.”

10. “A weather forecasting system in Littlestone, UK”

11. “Found this fork attached to the trunk of a tree.”

12. “Leave me alone! I said NO Valentine’s Day this year!”

13. “Seen at a local Canadian Tire...”

14. “In Target, felt like I was being watched.”

15. “You might be cool, but you’ll never be as cool as this doggo!”

What gave you the giggles recently? Share your photos with us!

Preview photo credit MigatteNoG0kui/Imgur


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