A Woman Takes Photos of People Right After She Kisses Them, and Their Faces Speak Louder Than Words

5 years ago

Imagine that you’ve come to a cool place to have a good time, listen to music, dance, and relax. And suddenly there’s a stranger who asks to kiss you. Would you be too embarrassed or would you step up? Johanna Siring, a photographer from New York, made this a reality during the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. Her main goal was to capture the essence of people in all photos. And as our article shows, she found an effective tool for discovering who they really were.

We at Bright Side are really impressed with the changes a single kiss can make and don’t want to enjoy this striking project alone.

1. Could this smile be any wider?!

2. From confidence to shyness with a single kiss

3. “I can’t believe this is for real.”

4. “You have to call me after everything that has just happened.”

5. It seems the kiss was a good one.

6. Let experiences like this into your life and observe what they do to you.

7. Everyone needs a bit of love.

8. It’s awesome how deep a person can be hidden sometimes.

9. We’d never think that she had such a contagious smile.

10. “Waaait! You’ve just kissed me!”

11. We can feel the rush of emotion through the screen.

What change could you not drag your gaze away from? Send this article to your friends and find out if they would take part in such a project.

Preview photo credit Johanna Siring


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I would like to participate in such project too. I have no idea how I would react is a stranger kisses me in my cheek. Would be interesting to know :)


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