19 People Whose Life Will Never Be the Same After Their Vacation

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We may all know this feeling when we thoroughly plan our vacation, but something goes not like we imagined. We may be extremely amazed by something unexpected or, on the contrary, do a facepalm because of some truly annoying “surprises”. The heroes of our article experienced both emotions and they eagerly shared their discoveries with us.

Bright Side found 19 stories about people that aren’t afraid to go against the system and share the photos from their vacations on social media. We all can learn from their mistakes!

19. “Went to Bahamas, didn’t know conch had eyeballs. I had just eaten a whole bunch fried. Immediately felt bad.”

18. What happens when you fall asleep outside:

17. “A friend of mine went to Switzerland, I received an appropriate picture.”

16. “My friend went to Disneyland wearing the wrong shirt.”

15. “The hotel promised us a sea-view room. They actually weren’t lying.”

14. “The vent in my hotel shower doesn’t seem to be working.”

13. When one obstacle has passed but it’s still too early to relax:

12. “My hotel room is underwater”

11. “Don’t think the owner of this hotel thought this through.”

10. “How’s that for an ocean view on your beach vacation?”

9. “Visited Miyagi Zao Fox Village in Japan”

8. Holiday weekend fun!

7. “Posted a photo but here’s the real caption: When you go to Mexico for a particular party and end up missing it and there’s a 7.6 magnitude earthquake nearby and a real threat of a tsunami to hit Tulum happens. Thankfully it passed, you get a fine on your hire car and they take your plates. Then when it’s time to fly back to New York, you leave your expensive hula hoop in the hotel room.”

6. “Bathroom signs at my hotel are trying to hold it in.”

5. “Stuck on a mountain with a broken car, what do I do? Put music on, dance and enjoy the heat.”

4. “When you wake up for a sunrise at Niagara Falls but forgot to check the weather forecast...”

3. When you’re having your first romantic trip on gondolas but the traffic is too heavy:

2. The universe decided that going cross country in this RV was not part of the plan.

1. " Learned my lesson about following spray tan instructions"

Has anything similar happened to you? Please tell us your stories in the comments and perhaps our next compilation will be about you!

Preview photo credit BellatrixImStrange / Imgur


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