15+ Pics That Can Make Your Day as Sweet as Cotton Candy

3 years ago

Keeping yourself away from negativity may not be easy, but some people give a precious helping hand by posting wholesome photos online. From their dad’s reaction to meeting their first grandson to the glow-up of their rescued dog, these stories and pics can leave the toughest person teary-eyed.

Bright Side tracked down some of the most loving, kind content on the Internet and left it here just for you to enjoy.

1. “My son was waiting for the school bus when I walked by and saw this.”

2. “My father meeting his first grandson”

3. “My 96-year-old grandma making sauce”

4. “My great-grandma, who will be 103 on Valentine’s Day, laughing with my 2-month-old daughter”

5. “My grandparents adopted a kitten and they sent me this pic in the mail.”

6. “It doesn’t matter how tough you are, sometimes you just need your Winnie the Pooh.”

7. “From a small scared kitten in a parking lot to our beloved Totoro”

8. “My parents fell asleep on the couch holding hands.”

9. “She loves to touch forehead to forehead.”

10. “My wife bought me EnChroma glasses for my birthday, and I can see color for the first time!”

11. “I live in a village. Some time ago, a stray kitten settled in our henhouse and now considers the white hen his mom.”

12. “After Hurricane Harvey, we found a dog hiding inside our Jeep. We rescued her and now she’s thriving.”

13. “My husband lurks on Reddit every day. Let’s see if we can surprise him. Happy Valentine’s Day!”

The note in the board says: “Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re the best dad, now of two!”

14. “My grandma’s eyesight is getting worse and she loves playing board and card games. My aunt bought her giant UNO cards so that she can still play.”

15. The Berlin Zoo is celebrating the birth of a gorilla for the first time in 16 years!

16. “When you have a house full of sheepdogs and a chilled lamb that needs warming”

What is something that never fails to brighten your day? Have you ever taken a surprisingly sweet photo? Well, know we’ll always have a place for your stories in our comment section, so go ahead!

Preview photo credit bobmur1975 / Reddit


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