15 Pets Who’ll Make You Wanna Drop Everything and Cuddle With Them

3 years ago

Animals can win our hearts by just quickly glancing at us with cartoon eyes. However, they’re especially endearing when they are 100% comfortable around us. From a stray cat booping you when you enter their neighborhood to your own pet parrot falling asleep in your hands, the magic of having an animal’s love and trust never fades away.

Bright Side compiled a decent amount of wholesomeness in the form of photos just for you. Buckle up for a sweet ride!

1. “My kitty and rat snuggling.”

2. “Met this sweet guy today and ended up adopting him.”

3. “Random stray walked up and nose booped my son welcoming him to the neighborhood.”

4. “Cuddling isn’t just for dogs and cats.”

5. “The TV remote is his new favorite toy. Now he falls asleep like this every evening.”

6. “I volunteer at puppy adoption events. This guy improvised a cuddle buddy while waiting to get adopted.”

7. “I gave my cat a mini scarf because he was cold. He’s so cozy he has not stopped purring.”

8. “This newborn got comfy on my hands.”

9. “She likes to hold her feets when she sleeps.”

10. “Happiness is a 99 cent Ikea stuffed mouse.”

11. “Murphy likes to hug my pregnant tum. The baby was going crazy, so I think he or she can feel the vibrations.”

12. “My baby is my cat’s favorite human.”

13. “He fell asleep after a little too much excitement.”

14. “My bird fell asleep in my hand.”

15. “The kittens found the baby again.”

What’s your own pet like? What’s the sweetest photo you’ve ever taken of an animal? We’re beyond excited to see your pics and get chatting with you in the comments!

Preview photo credit DoubleDownHands / Reddit


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