15+ Pets Whose Genetic Features Make Them Even More Charming

4 years ago

It seems like nature is in a special mood sometimes, because it gives ordinary pets like cats and dogs unique features. As a result, animals who could become the characters of fairy tales and mysterious legends, like chimera cats, dogs with human facial expressions, and bald house-elves, are born. At the end of the article, you’ll find a bonus with pictures of animals whose unique fur color will make you remember them for a long time.

We at Bright Side could barely believe our eyes when we saw these animals for the first time, and now it’s your turn to be surprised.

1. When you see this brindle Akita, you have no doubt that there really were tigers in their family.

2. No, this is not a rat. This is a Lykoi cat.

3. Podenco Ibicenco is a rare dog breed that, unlike most greyhounds, likes to hunt at night and bring back prey that’s still alive.

4. Albert is a Munchkin cat. That’s why he has such short legs.

5. Xoloitzcuintle is one of the oldest dog breeds and a national treasure of Mexico.

6. They look like the real house elves! Meet these cute Dwelf cats:

7. If you ever see a dog with the eyes of a human, you can be sure that it’s an Aussiedoodle.

8. Oriental cats are the cats who can’t stand being alone.

9. The Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle dog is the oldest breed of cattle dog.

10. Kinkalow is a cat breed that was created as a result of crossing Munchkins with American Curls.

11. Utonagan looks like a wolf, but has the character of a kind domesticated dog.

12. This Selkirk-Rex cat doesn’t allow anyone to get away with anything:

13. A Thai Ridgeback is a dog breed with metallic fur color and a ball of stiff wool on its back.

14. A Bergamasco Shepherd is an ancient and mysterious dog breed since we don’t know a lot about its origins.

15. Suki is a Bengal cat.

16. Narnia is a British Shorthair chimera cat who is made of 50% kindness and 50% cuteness.

17. Reinhardt is a Siberian cat.

Bonus: Nature got especially creative when making these animals:

This Husky puppy could rob banks, but he chose to stay on the good side and became a service dog.

This cutie looks like a dog, a fox, and a cat all at the same time.

This cat definitely has cow relatives.

Animals with big hearts, just like people, get very tired sometimes.

Which unique features does your pet have? Share their picture with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit EtherealEffigy / reddit


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Number 10 is so cute! Those ears are to die for ?


I wish a had a pet with these weird but cute features. Now I'm thinking of getting one haha


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