15+ Pics Proving That True Happiness Lies in the Little Things

3 years ago

As Robert Duvall once said, “It’s no big thing, but you make big things out of little things sometimes.” Whether those little things are the adoption of a stray animal or the touching of 2 hands, we don’t need to focus on how to make a grand gesture. Stick around and you will see how the smallest gestures can make the biggest splash.

Bright Side would like to remind you that it’s the little things in life that matter the most through these 18 inspirational images.

1. These people at Przystanek Woodstock are helping a man in a wheelchair crowd surf.

2. This 15-year-old boy visits his elderly neighbors every day at the hospital.

3. Doing his best to keep this elderly woman safe

4. This boy with Down syndrome attended a hockey game thanks to his sister, but he wasn’t very interested in the game.

5. A hug with your kid can be very precious.

6. This man used to take his dog into the lake every day to soothe his arthritic legs.

7. A bar leaves their heaters on at night so that stray dogs won’t get cold.

8. When this man’s wheelchair died, this woman stopped to help him charge it.

9. A man, relieved his dog and his wife made it after Hurricane Harvey hit their home

10. 2 lovebirds with Down syndrome are on their way to prom.

11. When someone leaves a small opening for their dog to say hello to its neighbors:

12. An officer helping an old lady who can’t remember where the bus stop is

13. This man carried his dog down a mountain because it was 117 degrees and the dog’s paws would’ve burned.

14. Saudi traffic police were offering flowers to women who were driving for the first time.

15. Having a genuine friend is precious.

16. Who said these 2 were sworn enemies?

17. This man built a special bike so he could keep riding with his wife who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

18. This window washer found a unique way to make a girl in the hospital feel better.

Have you witnessed or experienced any moments where a small gesture made someone’s day? We would love it if you could share them with us.


It makes me very happy to see how people help someone who is so old and needs help

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