20 Times Life Prepared Surprises That Simply Knocked Our Socks Off

3 years ago

Nature isn’t just about terrifying disasters like strong winds, hailstorms in the middle of the summer, and scorching weather. Its beauty and power are hidden in the simplest things like berry or egg shapes.

Bright Side is sure that you love nature as much as we do. If you read this article through to the end, you’ll find out which plant smells like rotten meat and see the way it blooms.

20. “My strawberry looks almost octopus-like.”

19. “A long egg one of our chickens laid”

18. This gate has been open for so long that a bush has grown around it.

17. This tree grew into a lightning looking shape.

16. “Got a heart-shaped potato.”

15. Have you ever seen a strawberry pretending to be a starfish?

14. This tree is eating a sign.

13. Nothing unusual. Just a cabbage. A really large one.

12. The way this tree is stripping the paint off this sign only to cover itself in paint

11. “This tomato I found in the market has a nose.”

10. “If we don’t get back to work soon, we won’t be able to get in!”

9. “Our lemon tree has never had fruit and we almost forgot about it. Then it finally bloomed, so we had to water it more often. Here’s the result.”

8. The way this ivy looks like a big blanket

7. Zucchini from the backyard

6. This tree has so many pears growing on it!

5. “We were walking in the forest when we stumbled into this tree.”

  • I hope it’s a human-made masterpiece, not a natural one. Otherwise, it looks really creepy. © capwrungel / Pikabu

4. “Garden harvest: The black currants are bigger than the tomatoes. By the way, they are both in matchboxes.”

3. “My 6-year-old daughter wanted to plant a watermelon seed back in April, I told her it probably wouldn’t do well. She proved me wrong.”

2. “My dad cared for a trunk of an avocado tree that barely stayed alive. 10+ years later it dropped its first fruit, including this monstercado.”

1. “2 years ago, my dad put 2 pineapple pieces in the ground. One died and the other survived. Then we got this.”

Bonus: “Amorphophallus (considered to be the biggest flower in the world) is blooming! When it blooms, it smells like rotting meat. It took 8 years to get to this point.”

Have you ever seen miracles like these in your life?

Preview photo credit Ikompas / pikabu


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No 3 should get her daughter a garden or better yet a farm. thats an obvious green thumb.


Well if you get the colors changed a bit I guess you could see it as an oil painitng!


I swear my city used to have these Ivy walls all over but now they are just gone :D


Oh my that's a good watermelon! I wonder if she had to plant more after :D because her kid demanded it :D


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