15+ Striking Comparisons That Can Change the Way You See the World

6 months ago

Think about it, why do we compare things. Side-by-side comparisons of people’s faces, events, and developments might be either heart-warming or can completely tear our souls apart. It’s a powerful tool that helps us to change our point of view, charges us with motivation to keep making progress, and helps us appreciate the things we’ve seen even more.

We at Bright Side like to see the things from another perspective and that’s why we made a compilation of 22 different things compared to each other, and we are sure that no one will be indifferent.

16. Face comparison of me and my daughter

15. Tiny reporter comparing hands with an NBA Player

14. The difference between a small vs a medium orange juice at McDonald’s.

13. “This picture of my parents never actually happened, but these 2 separate photos fit perfectly together.”

12. “This is a collection of one cup of sand from every beach and desert I’ve visited over the past 3 years.”

11. Family resemblance: my brother and I

10. Shirts before and after losing 400 lbs

9. He’s 6’9″, she’s 5’1″. Together they patrol Cairns, Australia.

8. “The difference in shoe wear between my regular foot and my prosthetic foot after a year”

7. The grandfather, the father, and the son

6. “My one-month-old son and his 97-year-old Korean great-grandmother”

5. “My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!”

4. “2 years ago my step-dad sat in this spot on the Appalachian Trail right before beginning chemo. This morning, my mom sat in the same spot to watch the sunrise on our first Father’s Day without him.”

3. “My dad and I are a great reminder that genetics isn’t an exact science.”

2. Progress over 6 years

1. He has lost a lot of weight, a lot of sadness, and a little facial hair. And now he has gained a whole new appreciation for life.

Which of the photos made you smile? Which of them made you a little bit sad? Have you ever compared something like this? Do you have photos of it? Share with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Hazjohn / reddit, unknown / reddit


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Those stair pictures don't look the same--the bottom stair is different, and there are two rows of blocks on the building behind in one picture, and only one row in the other.

Also, there are steps to the left of the rail in the old one and a slope in the new one.


The real prove about the McDonalds juice! I have also heard they put the same amount of potato in their medium and large boxes. I guess it's also true?


These comparisons and the idea behind them is out of this world. Whoever thought of this brilliant idea is truly admirable.It is an eye-opener for sure


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