15+ People Who Would Love the Chance to Hit the Rewind Button and Fix Their Day

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When you’re going through a rough patch, just remember that some people have it worse but still manage to giggle at their mishaps. People from all over the world share their most unlucky moments, like a passport ripped into pieces hours before a flight or restroom stalls with windows. Even though we can’t wait for our bad days to be over, it’s better to laugh off the small setbacks that life throws our way.

1. “Loaned my shoes. This is why I hate letting people borrow stuff.”

2. A puppy found this in a duffle bag the night before its owner was leaving to travel abroad.

3. “My stress-reliever thingy could not handle it.”

4. “My microwave noodles came in a bowl that’s not microwave safe.”

5. “This is no longer funny.”

6. “Brought a book to read on the bus. All of the pages are out of order.”

7. “I opened the pizza I ordered to-go and saw this.”

8. “Took a phone call, sat up in bed, and looked at my watch only to find the screen had completely come off.”

9. “Public restroom stalls with... viewing windows.”

10. “The break room at my job.”


11. “How my boyfriend packed up a moving box with kitchen stuff while I was at work:”

12. “Don’t ever buy a breakfast burrito at a gas station.”

13. “I just wanted some sugar in my coffee.”

14. “My dad pulled his nails/screws/bolts drawer in his wood shop out a little too far today.”

15. “Ordered fried pickles as an appetizer. I got one pickle cut into 4. Cost me $10.”

16. “I asked for a lovely red-gold color. I got this. I work in a law firm in a client facing role. Ugh.”

17. “I’ll have to tell insurance it was a random act of wildlife.”

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The pizza looks great aside from being cut wonky. The gas station burrito 🤮, uh nope. There's some unfortunate accidents and mistakes in this post. I hope the lady was able to get her hair fixed the way she wanted or at least to where she was happy with it again.


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