15 Lucky People Whose Days Are Full of Small Discoveries

year ago

Some lucky people snap pics of curious stuff so easily, it seems to be a daily chore for them. As it turns out, dogs have thumbs, eggs can be inverted, and Jumanji might be right at your feet. Don’t put your camera away just yet — you may be the next lucky person to capture a little bit of magic in your everyday life.

1. “I can grip things backward.”

2. “Hollow cucumber”

3. “My takeout rice container was 100% filled.”

4. “The way this egg dried at the bottom of a glass measuring cup”

5. “Found this at a construction site near my dad’s factory.”

6. “There was a bee in the bathroom this morning. It looked exhausted so I fed it some honey.”

7. “My client has a banana phone.”

8. “My husband keeps his glasses in a bowl of peanuts.”

9. “My dog uses his ’thumb’ to hold chew toys.”

10. “Sometimes my chickens lay an egg where the shell has not fully formed, leaving just the soft part.”

11. “This ominous orange I cut into”

12. “My Uber is also a convenience store.”

13. “The amount of hair after I brushed my cat”

14. “My eggs were inversions of each other this morning.”

15. “This store sells finger hands, and also finger hands for finger hands.”


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The egg isn't inverted. The yolk has just popped and spread around a whites bubble.


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