21 Unusual Objects We Didn’t Know We Wanted Until We Saw Them

2 years ago

One human characteristic that seems to have no limits is creativity — it is common for us to see fantastic inventions on the news. However, while walking down the street we can also come across some of the most striking and witty artifacts. For some of them we would even be willing to pay any price if they were for sale.

At Bright Side, we have compiled several images of products that are so original, we would buy them just for the pleasure of having them.

1. In addition to helping wring out the sponge, this SpongeBob could serve as an emotional therapist while washing the dishes.

2. “This journal that looks a VHS tape cover”

3. “This 100-year-old perfume bottle that glows under blacklight”

4. “My sink has a light that changes depending on the temperature”

5. “The lights outside my local pharmacy are shaped like syringes”

6. “My coworker’s scarf looks like a CVS receipt”

7. “A way to hang our sunglasses next to the front door”

8. “2-week plant watering register”

9. “With my desk near the entrance, my fingertips have been getting really cold so I piped the waste heat from my PC to warm them up!”

10. “A snake-shaped hook system to hang bags and such on your car’s headrests”

11. “3D printed keyboard, hand wired”

12. “My mother in law’s ’new’ couch has a phone in it.”

13. “My new socks have a button to keep them together in the closet or when drying”

14. “My hotel shower had a water thermometer”

15. “This Asian cuisine food truck gave me a chopstick/fork combo.”

16. “This tool is a hammer, a hatchet, a screwdriver, a nail puller, and a pair of pliers.”

17. “This bike I saw outside a grocery store”

18. “This soap pump I got at Disney World dispenses Mickey-shaped soap.”

19. “USB cable that you can plug in both ways”

20. “This jacket has a little hole that you can see your watch through.”

21. “I designed a 3D printed mirror array to propose!”

“The mirrors are angled so that just before sunset, they reflect the sunlight to spell ’MARRY ME?’”

What is the most original product you have purchased recently? What object has made your life easier?


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