11 Products That Are Disguised as Healthy but It’s Actually Not True

2 years ago

Everyone has heard about the importance of healthy eating. For some it’s a physiological necessity, for others it’s a lifestyle. Many people prefer to buy products that are considered “healthy.” However, it’s not quite clear if these goods are truly affecting our health positively or whether it is another marketing trick.

While roaming around the internet, we at Bright Side found out that quite a few “healthy” products are not that healthy at all. In this article, we will try to find which ones.

Juice in packages

Many movies and TV programs show us that drinking a glass of juice gives the body the necessary amount of energy for almost the entire day. In their commercials, fruit juice producers in every possible way indicate the abundance of vitamins and minerals in their products. However, all of this is only partly true.

Though the benefits of drinking juices are really better than that of soda drinks, still it’s worth keeping in mind the amount of sugar in the drink. That’s why, in order to avoid unpleasant health issues, make sure to consume this juice moderately.

Fitness bars

In the whirlpool of modern life, it’s very hard to stick to healthy eating. Not everyone can afford to have a full meal during lunch break. Fortunately, the shelves of supermarkets are abundant with snacks on the go. Moreover, manufacturers came up with fitness bars that they present as a healthy and nutritional option for those who care about their body shape. But is it really true?

The energy value of such protein bars can vary greatly depending on the brand. This is due to the ingredients included in the composition. To reduce the cost of the final product and enhance the taste, many manufacturers add a large amount of sugar or even low-quality fructose sweeteners. Constant consumption of this “healthy” snack can affect one’s health negatively.

Breakfast cereals

We all have likely enjoyed breakfast cereals at least once. Subconsciously, we believe that this is healthy food, and it will become even tastier if you add milk or yogurt to it. Manufacturers often write that the product consists of whole grains, while the presence of various cartoon characters on the packages indicates the benefits of dry cereal breakfasts, even for children.

Despite numerous undoubted advantages (quick, simple, and tasty), such cereals have a significant disadvantage as well: high fructose content in the form of corn syrup. The glycemic index measures the relative increase in blood glucose levels, and this index is high in such a product, making it undesirable for daily consumption.

Farmed salmon

Salmon is a part of many dishes for healthy eating. Even famous chefs often use it in their recipes. Perhaps many readers will agree that no matter how this fish is cooked, it always comes out tasty and nutritional. That’s why supermarkets offer plenty of salmon grown on special farms.

It is generally accepted that an excessive content of omega-6 in relation to omega-3 can affect the human body adversely. Studies have shown that the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 was 3-4 in farmed salmon and 10 in wild salmon. Therefore, it is better to think twice before buying a farmed product.

Sushi and rolls

Sushi and rolls are the dishes that are believed to be dietary and healthy by default because they consist of seafood, seaweed, and pure rice. However, many additional ingredients including mayonnaise, sugar, and sauces are often added inside.

One sushi roll, cut into 6-9 parts, can contain up to 500 calories, which doesn’t make it better than fast food. There are almost the same amount of calories in a double hamburger. Perhaps many people would claim that it’s ok to limit oneself to 6 pieces but still, imagine how many fats and sugar will get into our stomach. This food can hardly be called “healthy.”

Diet soda

Since some diet sodas are calorie-free, it can be assumed that drinking them will help you lose weight, or at least help you avoid weight gain. This is usually how manufacturers advertise their products to us. But things are not that simple.

Some studies have shown that frequent consumption of diet soda and artificial sweeteners increase the risk of obesity and metabolic syndrome. Scientists believe that the drink increases appetite by stimulating hunger hormones.

Yogurts bought in stores

If you ask a person what is healthier, yogurt or mayo, most people will choose the first option. That’s no surprise because many commercials on TV and on the internet remind us about it. However, just like with other products, there is “the other side” of this matter.

Many of the yogurts that we are used to seeing on supermarket shelves are in fact not as good for our health as they are believed to be. They include various colorants, preservatives, and, of course, a large amount of sugar or sweeteners. Therefore, it cannot be said that they are healthier than mayonnaise.

To be sure of the quality of the product, it is better to make it at home yourself. Homemade yogurt will contain bacteria good for digestion.

Protein cocktails

A protein cocktail is a drink with powdered protein dissolved in it. The powder protein is obtained from plants, eggs, or milk. It is often used by people actively involved in sports because muscle tissue is in dire need of protein for repair and growth.

A protein shake is harmless by itself, but there are some nuances to keep in mind. There is no way to check if protein powder manufacturers really list the full ingredients on their packages. People with intolerance to dairy products may have problems with the gastrointestinal tract functioning. Some powders can contain huge amounts of sugar and other flavoring ingredients, which in turn can lead to weight gain and an increase in blood sugar levels.

Popcorn in a microwave

Most visits to the cinema start with buying popcorn. This treat in its pure form consists mainly of carbohydrates and proteins, which makes it not only dietary but also really useful. But when speaking of the product’s “pureness” we should admit that few of us consume popcorn without additives such as sugar, salt, butter, and other taste enhancers.

Popcorn can be both a healthy snack and a snack bad for health. Also, the product that is meant for being cooked at home in a microwave can contain a lot of diacetyl and transfats bad for health.

Vegetarian pizza

Recently, pizzerias and restaurants have been offering us the so-called “healthy” aka vegetarian pizza.
As a rule, chefs simply replace the meat component of the pizza with a vegetable one with the addition of herbs or sprouts.

But no matter what the filling is, the dough is made from white flour, while cheese and the sauce remain the main components as well. In this case, the benefits are quite dubious, aren’t they? Not to mention, this pizza often goes with soda drinks, the harm of which we have already described above.

Plant-based milk

From childhood, we are used to thinking that we can only buy a cow or goat milk in stores. However, the shelves of modern supermarkets offer us quite a bigger range, and almond, oat, or rice-based types of milk no longer come as a surprise for buyers. For some people who are lactose-intolerant, these kinds of milks are a real life-saver. Other people go for it because they believe this milk is more beneficial than the regular one.

Cow’s milk is rich in protein, calcium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and D. Although the plant-based alternative contains useful substances, it is in no way able to fully replace the original milk. Therefore, it is not healthier than regular milk. Moreover, in order to make plant-based milk more palatable, manufacturers add cane sugar, rice syrup, and other sweeteners to it.

What do you think, can food be tasty and healthy at the same time? Perhaps you already have such products in your diet.

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