15+ Times Ordinary Things Turned Into Real-Life Puzzles

year ago

The brain sees what it wants to see. We can still see figures and faces where there aren’t really any, thanks to our ancestors. They needed this “superpower” to survive in a potentially hostile environment. Even though we don’t live in the wilderness anymore, we might still need it — just to be on alert in case someone wants to steal our cookies, for example.

1. “Eyes without a face”

2. “A rat-looking muffin

3. “Street lamp”

4. “A baby lying down on its belly? Or back...?”

5. “Looks like someone decapitated my cat.”

6. “Someone is watching.”

7. “Took a small squirt of my shaving gel and got a little chicken!”

8. “Hollow man”

9. “Chocolate chip ice cream makes me feel happy too.”

10. “An alien”

11. “My socks on the bathroom rug”

12. “My 2-headed chicken”

13. “Relaxing by the water”

14. “I’m awake.”

15. “The imprint of my spoon handle looks like a cat.”

16. “My friend and her dog”

How often do you see puzzling things? Which one was the most confusing?


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