16 People Who Could Barely Hold Back Their Rage

year ago

Feeling angry or frustrated are things we’ve all likely experienced at some point in our lives. Our first instinct may be to start yelling, make accusations, or be hostile toward someone or something. However, these reactions aren’t good for us, and there are ways we can control these strong emotions. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, and the 16 people shown below are clear proof of that.

1. “My girlfriend ran out of ice, so she used frozen veggies.”

2. “The hairbrush my daughter leaves hanging in the shower”

3. “Hired a local contractor to fix a leak under my kitchen sink a few years ago. Installing a dishwasher today, and this is how he repaired it.”

4. “When you’re enjoying a bite to eat and end up frantically Googling about cordyceps.”

5. “There was a lovely little tree in that pot when I went to bed last night.”

6. “The blizzard blew the door of my garage open yesterday.”

7. “Got my car totaled by another driver with no insurance, license, or license plate. It got paid off last year.”

8. “This is supposed to be a ’medium’ burger.”

9. “My sisters are having ’Junior Senior Wars’ at their high school. This is how my car looked when I woke up.”

10. “Running though a field chasing my dog, but a random wire between 2 green posts in tall grass put a stop to that.”

11. “What a view!”

12. “Pulled the foil off of this to see what was in it, and it’s empty!! And still in the fridge!”

13. “People who do this are just the worst.”

14. “Passengers after a flight”

15. “Food-share bags that Starbucks supposedly donates”

16. “I live with monsters.”


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Also.... #14 is fooking shameful!! I hate humans sometimes....
And #16, you're acting like you haven't been entering the bathroom yourself multiple times a day since that first tube was left there and watched while another 50 was.


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