10+ People Who Need a Time Machine to Restart Their Terrible Day

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Scientist Stephen Hawking once held a curious experiment. He organized a party with appetizers, balloons, you name it. However, he only sent the invites after the party had already taken place. He wanted to demonstrate that time travel is impossible, and he did.

NASA begs to differ and confirms that time travel is possible, just not in the way we’ve seen in books and movies. This is good news for the following people because they’d love to start their terrible day over.

“My foot after wearing a wet boot with a hole in it for 10 hours”

“A buddy of mine seemed to think stick sun screen was a good idea.”

“Got my license in the mail today.”

“I was sitting on the lid of my toilet waiting for my bath to fill, scrolling on my phone when the lid shattered and I threw my phone in the bath.”

“My BBQ food truck burned down last month.”

“Lent a car to my brother for the day, and as a thank you, he filled up my car with the wrong fuel.”

“I turned on my defrost this morning and came back 10 minutes later to find this.”

“I did an air mold test in my apartment.”

“Went to use the bathroom at a friend’s house — nearly had a heart attack.”

“My job makes us food before each shift. Meet the zucchini hot dog.”

“I dropped my phone and now all my photos are blue-ish.”

“I asked my wife to tidy up my neck with the clippers. Yes, we are still married.”

“What they call a ’cheese’ burger”

“Got stung in the eye at 2 a.m. while asleep by probably one of the last wasps of the season.”

“I dropped the tuna can in the sink.”

“Must have dropped my keys after I locked my car. I came back to this.”

“In a boot with a broken foot on day 7 of 24 of my dream tour of the UK”

“Oops, there’s a pothole there.”

“I guess no pizza for me tonight.”

“I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet.”

If you could live an hour of your life on repeat, which hour would you choose? If you could travel back in time and get stuck in that era, which year would you go for? Let us know in the comments.

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For the car, I literally though the knobs were demon eyes, they were reflecting light, but it creeped me out


i feel bad 4 the person whos toilet broke and their phone went in the tub. hope they put in in some rice 2 dry


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