16 People Who Got a Makeover But Are Uncertain About the Outcome

4 months ago

In 2020, the US had over 4.5 million clients for cosmetic surgeries, holding the record. More and more people are opting for cosmetic appearance changes in recent years. However, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of a cosmetic procedure due to the fear of unsatisfactory results.

“Should I chalk this result of chin filler up to swelling? It makes my profile more upturned and looking like Handsome Squidward.”

“I just got my lip fillers today, and I am scared that it is swelling like this. Is this normal and will subside eventually?”

“Feeling hideous 2 months post-op rhinoplasty. Anyone else look this awful post-op?”

“Are my fillers botched? Should I have them dissolved?”

“I am so worried and have deep regrets about my surgery.”

“First time Botox, crows feet/eyelid looks worse. What happened? Panicking.”

“Lip flip results — I don’t see them.”

“First time getting Botox... 4 days out and the hood above the eyelid seems lower than usual.”

“Rhinoplasty looks worse after 1 year post-op.”

“Day 6 post 1 syringe of juvéderm. My top lip seriously looks like duck lips.”

“My nose looks worse one month after septoplasty. Talked to my doctor, and he said it could happen. What should I do?”

“Asian rhinoplasty, my nose so swollen still, I’m a bit worried about high nose and the bridge being so high. Anyone else has this problem?”

“3 weeks post-op rhinoplasty and lip lift combo”

“Had maxillofacial surgery. 3 months post-op and my face is still badly disfigured.”

“Lip fillers done 3.5 hours ago, and I’m worried if this big bruise/swelling indicates vascular occlusion?”

“1 week post 1ml hyaluronic acid lip filler. Is this normal?”

In one of our previous articles we showed that even celebrities may regret undergoing cosmetic procedures, but not every case is the same, and some people totally rock their new looks and feel more than satisfied with how everything turned out.

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I am sorry but none of them had severe issues to treat with plaatic... Not saying they deserve it but... You know... Karma

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