20 People That Got Plastic Surgery and Are Rocking Their New Looks

3 years ago

Some people think that change isn’t good and are afraid of it. However, others embrace small changes, like getting a new car or buying a new sofa. But some changes are so extraordinary, that they could leave anyone speechless, and it takes lots of courage to go through with them. This can be seen with people whose faces completely changed and were encouraged to share pictures of their transformation after either getting surgery done on their nose or jaw or wearing braces to improve their smile.

Bright Side is showing you the before and after shots of these courageous people that want to remind us that if there’s something we don’t like about our body, we can always change it.

1. “Before and 2 weeks post-op from my septorhinoplasty. Didn’t expect to like my nostrils so much!”

2. “I got my braces off after 3 years! It was hard to find an older picture where I smiled with teeth.”

3. “17 days post-op from my double jaw surgery (UK)! Recovery has been a struggle but I have no regrets.”

4. “March vs now! I feel like a whole new person.”

5. “2 years post-op from septorhinoplasty”

6. “Today, I’m exactly 9 months in!”

7. “Here’s me, 5-months post-op! DJS + genioplasty + septoplasty! I’m so happy with the results.”

8. “Day 2 post-op from Asian blepharoplasty. Still swollen but I like how it’s going!”

9. “Had braces all throughout college, so, yeah, this is great!”

10. “6 months post-chin implant and submentoplasty!”

11. “I finally get to post my rhinoplasty before and after pics here! These are 14 days post-op as of yesterday.”

12. “Double jaw surgery transformation in the UK (date of surgery: May 28, 2019)”

13. “Getting there!”

14. “Before and after genioplasty and rhinoplasty”

15. “10 weeks post-top jaw surgery, before and after”

16. “10 days post-op!”

17. “Second time in braces...”

18. “2 weeks post-op, before and after! These aren’t professional photos or anything, and I’m still pretty swollen.”

19. 8 weeks post-op! LJS + sliding genio, before and after"

20. “Rhinoplasty”

If you could change something about your face, what would it be? Have you or would you undergo plastic surgery?

Preview photo credit laurenb97xo / Reddit


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