15+ People Whose Day Started Off on the Wrong Foot

2 years ago

Whether it’s due to our clumsiness or caused by an exterior factor, some mornings are just meant to start off in a nasty way. Luckily though, turning around a bad day is totally in our control. According to a study, when we’re positive, we’re 31% more productive and even 40% more likely to receive a promotion. So next time something unfortunate happens, we need to remember that the rest of our day can still be amazing if we allow our brain to focus on the bright side instead.

Bright Side believes in taking small negative events lightly and having a good laugh instead of allowing them to ruin our day. We’ll share photos to prove that a bad morning can happen to all of us.

1. ’’My dad got rid of a perfectly functional mirror and put this new mirror up unevenly.’’

2. ’’My wedding ring just fell apart this morning.’’

3. ’’After fixing my hair trimmer, I forgot to put the depth thing on.’’

4. ’’She locked me outside.’’

5. ’’I guess not today...’’

6. ’’My Spanish teacher’’

7. ’’When the refrigerator gets a little bit too cold and freezes breakfast’’

8. ’’One of the coffee tubes, with 7.7 pounds of coffee, burst while my district manager was there.’’

9. ’’My sister’s makeup bag after my dad accidentally sat on it’’

10. ’’The lid of the salt dispenser is in my breakfast.’’

11. ’’The letters from this bottle stuck to my finger.’’

12. ’’A mosquito flew into my pancake as I was making one for dinner.’’

13. ’’I go to put my winter boots on this morning and this happens.’’

14. ’’Woke up to this giant water bubble in my apartment.’’

15. ’’My hot dog buns’’

16. ’’I tried curling my hair and failed miserably.’’

Can you relate to any of the photos above? What is your hidden tip for getting rid of a bad morning?


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