17 Photo Ideas That Can Make You an Internet Star

4 years ago

According to statistics, 32% of internet users in the USA are now on Instagram. Some of them are posting their photos, some are just scrolling down their newsfeeds, while others are leaving tips and ideas on how to make your photos outstanding.

Bright Side collected the brightest ideas for photos that people have shared on Instagram.

A hanging girl — the peak of art skills

“I’m gonna eat you up.”

“I caught you in the ring.”

“I’ll reach you anywhere, my Juliet!”

One, two...jump!

“You are so tiny, you can fit in my palm.”

“I am the strongest!”

“I am very hungry today.”

“And I am very thirsty too.”

“Look what I can do.”

“Oh no, it’s falling.”

“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.”

Cloud catcher

The headless horseman would be scared too.

In fields of orange

It’s impossible to go on a vacation and not show your legs.

Mmm, yummy!

Which of these photo ideas are you going to use? Please tell us about it in the comments!


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