19 People Who Would Trade Anything for a Nice Winter Day

year ago

Winter is a contradictory season. On the one hand, it’s cold, we have to wear a lot of bulky clothes, and it’s really hard to move around because of snow and ice. On the other hand, this is the time when we can have so much fun: we can play with snowballs, ski, ice skate, and do many other things. The heroes of our article definitely enjoy wintertime, and their positive photos might raise your spirits even if you’re not a fan of winter.

“This snow puppy my wife casually threw together.”

“This absolutely perfect snowflake that fell on my coat”

“Inspired by the weather, I made a little friend to keep me company during the snowstorm.”

“My girlfriend moved to Canada about 8 years ago and had never made a snowman before.”

“I made sure she can cross that snow activity off her list, and it put a smile on our faces.”

“My lamppost in the snow looks like a scene out of Narnia.”

“This winter, I discovered an uplifting and rewarding way to connect with nature.”

“I’ve been through 25 Canadian winters, but the first snowfall still makes me giddy like I was 5 again.”

“When it snows, my son does this scooting motion through the snow, and calls himself a snow frog.”

“It snowed for the first time in a while in the Netherlands, obviously had to make a snowman.”

“5 years ago, I was diagnosed with a psychological disorder and the woman I was with left me when I told her.”

“I never thought I would find someone willing to help with my problems, but here I am today celebrating our daughter’s first snow day.”

“In New Zealand, they use ATV to train sled dogs.”

“My puppy is more snow than dog.”

“These imprints left in the snow by excited tourists”

“If you put a sparkler in snow, it keeps burning.”

“An imprint of a face in the snow looks like an optical illusion.”

“My snowball maker appeared to glow when I held it close to the snow.”

“My daughter first experiencing heavy snow this winter”

“How my fiancé dresses our dogs to go out into the snow”

“I took a photo of my wife when it was −47°F outside. She’s 43.”

Romadok / Pikabu
Preview photo credit Romadok / Pikabu


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