31 Winter Photos That Make Our Teeth Chatter

2 years ago

Winter is an amazing season! Many people associate it with holidays, gifts, and joyful outdoor activities. However, it also has another side that is not so iridescent.

Bright Side collected photos from real life where all the beauty of this “dark” side of winter has been captured.

When the toilet broke in winter:

Snowman and snowmobile

A little snow came down!

That’s a really complicated quest.

Leaving the wipers up was a good idea — they didn’t stick to the windshield.

That’s how unplanned ice rinks appear.

I simply forgot to close the window.

When your husband is a real joker:

“Find your car” game

At least the children liked the icicles!

Snow always knows how to get inside a house.

It was definitely a bad morning for this fish.

“My girlfriend’s seltzer froze and then exploded.”

The jokes of my colleagues!

Flooded neighbors in severe frosts

Now I know why flushing doesn’t work...

When there’s soap all over your body but the water stopped running:

Frozen freshness

I wanted to go to work, but something went wrong.

Have you ever seen how alligators spend their winters?

That’s exactly how alligators survive strong frosts. They hibernate with their heads out of water in order not to suffocate.

When you decided to surf in winter:

Can you guess how frosty it is over there?

When your thirst for knowledge is stronger than frost:

A walk through the yard...

Frozen to the ground!

It is a sword that turned into a big icicle.

The toilet of a Snow Queen

This Christmas tree couldn’t stand the winter wind.

A frozen waterfall

Here’s why it’s better not to visit an outside toilet in winter:

Yes, this is snow.

And have you ever had any winter incidents? Tell us about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit BrzS / imgur, Xingua92/reddit


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