17 Photos That Show What Real Winter Is

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When we think about winter, we imagine a cold, frosty, dark, and icy season. This is especially familiar to people who live in countries with a cold climate. But at the same time, the inhabitants of these regions will tell you that winter is not just about severe weather, but also about many beautiful things.

At Bright Side, we know for sure what real winter is. But these “frosty” photos from internet users will show you more about it.

“I live in Central Alberta, it got down to roughly −49°F tonight. I woke up to frost in the corner of my bedroom.”

“This is what a Finnish winter looks like when it wants to harm people.”

When it’s your stop and the doors open to this

The photo is taken in Japan. — Note by Bright Side

“Lake Baikal in winter 2 years ago”

Northern Cardinals provide natural Christmas ornaments in winter!

“Snowy house on the prairie”

“My backyard at the moment”

“My simple apartment work nook in Anchorage, Alaska”

Roaring Taughannock Falls during a snowstorm, Ithaca, NY

“Cool ice pattern on my window”

“Beautiful but weirdly creepy icicles grew on my house this winter.”

“My footprint next to an elk’s”

“Still water that froze in my car floor compartment in a thin ice sheet”

North Lake Tahoe after the last winter storm

“My grandma got a lot of visitors the other day.”

“She has a bunch of bird and squirrel feeders out. I guess they were hungry and brought some friends along.”

“My 7-year-old standing in our driveway after a record breaking blizzard”

Aurora borealis over snowy trees in Russia’s Murmansk region

What winter beauties have you encountered? Share your photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit Delphox4000 / Reddit


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