20 Things That Are the Emotional Equivalent of Stubbing Your Toe

3 years ago

There’s nothing as effective at testing our patience as the little annoyances hiding behind every corner. Like trying to peel a stubborn egg, or finding only one ice cube left in a tray (let’s be honest, we’d probably also leave it without refilling it anyway). In these moments, even counting to 10 won’t help us keep our composure.

We at Bright Side know these mildly infuriating things all too well, but we realize that the best way to conquer them is through laughter. Even if we’re laughing through some tears.

1. “I just wanna eat mac and cheese... :(”

2. “Got excited (from far away) about the motel having a swimming pool...”

3. Sometimes peeling hard boiled eggs is soul-wrenching.

4. “How my dad uses his iPad”

5. “This recycling bin with one trash bag for both holes.”

6. “Why are the numbers the same color as the building?! 😡”

7. “Thought I had separated 50 eggs without breaking one yolk until I noticed one on the edge.”

8. “Mildly infuriating level: refund”

9. “I hate when the paper towel does that!”

10. “It doesn’t get more mild than this, but I want my 2 Smarties :(”

11. “Our company now has 900 of these pens.”

12. Someone didn’t notice the painful irony here.

13. “Noticed this atrocity on the back window of my parents’ car.”

14. “Wasps made a nest on my spray bottle of wasp killer.”

15. “Not one, not 2, not 3, but 4!”

16. “Someone in my office: ‘Dang, that was close. If I took that last ice cube I might’ve had to refill the tray.’”

17. “Wanted to have a fat avocado for breakfast, didn’t expect it to be 9 months pregnant.”

18. A perfectionist’s nightmare

19. A pharmacy keeps their back pain remedy on the bottom shelf.

20. “Looks like I won’t be listening to my new vinyl record. Thanks, USPS.”

Did any of these photos make your eye twitch? Share any blunders that you’ve witnessed in the comments!


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12 always annoys me, I'm not too invested in the whole save the planet with no plastic thing, I personally hate the metal straws.. but man if you are gonna commit to something atleast do it properly


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