20 Hilarious Unlucky Moments That Will Leave You Laughing Until You Cry

10 months ago

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or, in the case of these people, when misfortune strikes, laugh it off! Here are 20 unlucky moments that will make you chuckle and help you feel better about your own bad days.

1. “Being escorted to my car after I ripped a hole in my pants at a wedding. Went commando.”

2. “When the wife puts spray VARNISH with the spray sunscreen.”

3. “The platform that holds soap in my shower fell off the wall because it was being ‘held’ in place by pennies and caulk.”

4. “My last teabag is sealed into the can.”

5. “My car played an April fool’s joke on me by rolling all 4 of my windows down while it snowed overnight.”

6. “Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn’t need.”

7. “Expected nothing and still disappointed.”

8. “Brand new eyeshadow palette fell and the only shade that broke was called ’Unlucky.’”

9. “I had a cystic pimple on my forehead that swole up pretty good. Then the swelling migrated down and now I look like an Animorph.”

10. “Dog ate my new AirPod Pro 2s within a couple hours of them arriving.”

11. “Asked my friend to spray sunscreen on my back...”

12. “Dog sledding in −36° F. So cold, our eyelashes froze.”

13. “Taco carpet”

14. “Not quite how I wanted my morning to start :(”

15. “My friend ordered pizzas from the ‘nicer’ place in town.”

16. When the book skips “a few pages”

17. “Had to give my daughter a bit of a haircut today.”

18. “My dad’s hair froze after hiking up a mountain in his t-shirt.”

19. “And another one bites the dust.”

20. “Idk how he got up, and now he’s too afraid to come down...”

“I house sit a home that needs their cat and dog fed daily. When I went to feed them today, it appears the dog decided to follow the cat on the roof.”

Even when you’re having a bad day, humor can be a powerful tool to lift your spirits. Remember that these moments will pass, and better ones are on the way. If you enjoyed this compilation, check out our other similar lists for more laughs.

Preview photo credit UndrehandDrummond / Reddit


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