16 Snaps That Can Test Your Brain a Bit in Order to Make Sense of Them

2 years ago

More than 3.2 billion pictures are being uploaded on a daily basis on the internet’s multiple platforms. And 720,000 hours of videos are being shared for everyone to watch and reproduce. This is proof that we are exposed to tons of information on a daily basis. And luckily, many of those images are very entertaining — and some of them confusing.

Bright Side can’t get enough of bewildering pictures, and we can’t take our eyes off them until we’re able to make sense of them.

1. “Those are not grass pants.”

2. “This buff dog-man”

3. Yep, that’s a horse nose.

4. “I was laughing at this for a very long time.”

5. “I thought there was a snail in my fridge, it’s just chili.”

6. “My cake looks like it’s floating.”

7. “Just a facade”

8. “This absolute unit of a truck”

9. The perfect reflexion

10. “Doggy and sloth feet”

11. We’re sure the cat is okay.

12. “The cutting edge of architecture”

13. “The no-body burro”

14. “The town hall getting a lift”

15. Looks like a tennis ball coming their way, but it’s a hot air balloon.

16. Her legs look a bit too small.

Which one of the pictures above made you stop for a while and keep staring in order to make sense of it?


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