The World’s Most Expensive Wedding Cake Was Made in Dubai, and It’s Probably Worth Its Price

4 years ago

People who were lucky enough to visit a wedding exhibition in Dubai had a chance to taste a "bride" that costs $1 million. Debbie Wingham, the creator of this cake, is known as the world's most expensive designer, because she creates $50 million masterpieces.

Bright Side invites you to enjoy this designer's professionalism, and have a closer look at her cake and other impressive works of art.

This what the $1 million "bride" looks like. Her height is 182 cm (72 in) and she weighs 120 kg (164 lbs). She's heavier than the prototype, but everyone will have a chance to try it.

1,000 eggs and 20 kg (44 lbs) of chocolate were used for this cake.

The whole thing is edible, and its covered with 50 kg (110 lbs) of lacy confectionery.

Each feature includes tiny flowers and pearls, which are all handmade.

5,000 flowers were used in total, and it took 10 days to decorate.

There are also real decorations among the edible ones - pearls and three-carat diamonds that cost $200 million each.

They were used to decorate the bride's head.

Here's Debbie with her "simple" cake.

But she doesn't just make cakes.

She also creates unique shoes that look tasty as well. This pair costs $15 million.

Debbie set the record when she created the world's most expensive black diamond dress. It cost $50 million.

And Oriental fashion lovers will definitely like this red diamond abaya...

... And this soft blue dress worthy of a queen.

Did you like Debbie's works? Share your impression in the comments!

Preview photo credit Ferrari Press/EAST NEWS


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