19 People Who Have Eagle Eyes for Treasure Hunting

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One can never know how luck will treat them when they venture out of the house. Sometimes, people find treasures and can’t wait to share them on the Internet. So today, we have a list of people who found so many interesting things that we just can’t believe their luck.

1. “Found this 1999 ’vintage’ Thinking Chair from Blues Clues.”

2. “My love for classical music finally paid off (Verdi book found in a charity shop for $3).”

3. “Message in a bottle that I found floating off of Solomons Island”

4. “An 87-year-old half-dollar I found ejected from a Coinstar”

5. “I found an old dollar in my grandma’s stuff.”

6. “2 snails I found with a gel ball”

7. “One man’s trash is many others’ treasure.”

8. “My most epic find — it wasn’t cheap, but I had missed out on 3 prior, so I’m so happy I finally have it.”

9. “Yesterday, I found a signed copy of The Killers’ Hot Fuss for $2. One of my all-time favorite albums.”

10. “Just picked this up for $3.50. Looked online and the same one is for sale used for $381.”

11. “I couldn’t say no to that ponytail.”

12. “I got this dining room set for $100 off of Marketplace.”

13. “Everything on my stove is thrifted, but I’m especially in love with the egg frying pan.”

14. “Happy with my new lamp.”

15. “I couldn’t pass up this chip and dip dish.”

16. “Found this awesome textured dress at the thrift along with patterned tights and a Wet Seal green jacket. So cozy for the fall!”

17. “A beautiful Tiffany-style table lamp with a raised sea turtle”

18. “These earrings my girlfriend found at the thrift store”

19. “Walking through a thrift store when suddenly...”

Have you found anything really cool recently? Share it down below.

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