15+ Design Flaws That’ll Make Anyone Giggle

2 years ago

Design work is a complex business. And it’s really too easy to mess everything up. Especially if those creative “wizards” are not that into understanding their customers. Many guides recommend experiencing the product before releasing it to the market or installing anything. But some designers seem to want to skip this tricky step as much as possible.

Bright Side has gathered some of these “masterpieces” that prove our world is far from being boring, thanks to all those brilliant minds behind everything we use or buy.

1. “I’m not your f.r.i.e.n.d, buddy.”

2. “This toiletry trash can that opens into the other stall.”

3. “My girlfriend thought she found the perfect winter coat until she put the hood up.”

4. “You’d better not drop your card while you’re withdrawing cash.”

5. “The worst bathroom I have ever seen in a hotel”

6. “I don’t think I qualify for this job.”

7. “The arrangement of images for this beauty salon”

8. “Yeah, totally pizza...”

9. “My sister’s staircase”

10. “The bottom of the dice bag I got isn’t even sewn in, so all the dice get mixed up.”

11. “Think bog.”

12. “This tissue dispenser at the vet’s office”

13. “Existential crisis pug”

14. “A mannequin at my nearby supermarket”

15. “Just some casual kiwi eating another kiwi.”

16. “Found this on my way to school.”

17. “When airlines want to give you lollipops.”

Have you been on the receiving end of any fancy designs yourself? What is the most bewildering one you’ve ever seen on the internet? Please share your stories and photos in the comments below.

Preview photo credit DazedPoochini / reddit


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