15+ Kids Who Were Born to Be Drama Kings and Queens

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2 years ago

Young children throw tantrums because they are frustrated with their boundaries, or they are angry about being unable to get their way. Maybe their favorite pillow is upside-down, or their bedtime has come earlier than usual. Whatever the reason, kids never shy away from expressing their feelings, even if it means being perceived as highly dramatic.

The Bright Side team gathered the most hilarious pictures of kids who made a scene when things didn’t go their way.

1. “Less than an hour old. Already tired.”

2. “My 2-year-old son is ‘enjoying’ one of the most beautiful places on earth.”

3. “Dinner time is getting really dramatic over here.”

4. “My son (2 months) is very dramatic. No one believed me until I snapped this pic.”

5. “So dramatic when she naps”

6. “Why is she throwing a tantrum you ask? Because the receipt blew away.”

7. “The only thing that stopped my son’s tantrum. Potato power.”

8. “Most artistically composed tantrum ever.”

9. “Her reaction when I ignore her outbursts”

10. “My nephew in temper tantrum mode... but still precious”

11. “My daughter going through her dramatic artist phase.”

12. The drama will begin in 3...2...1...

13. Frowning because she didn’t get a bunny on her brother’s birthday, even though she doesn’t like bunnies.

14. “My daughter’s first case of nerd rage”

15. “Mondays. Amiright?”

16. “Current mood”

17. “My son’s new go-to move when he is mad ”

18. “It’s gonna be one of them days”

19. “Bedtime?”

Do you remember being a drama queen/king as a child? If yes, share with us one of the anecdotes in the comments below.

Preview photo credit RealtekRealtek/imgur


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